Studio Life


I won’t lie to you, studio life it pretty great.. especially with these two around. Moving to a studio was the best thing I ever did for my business. It allows you to be around other creative people in order to ask advice, feedback or even just to remain sane for a moment. Above all, I don’t gain anything from working at home… actually I loose a little bit. Home is so important, the key in fact to completely and utterly ‘stopping’ and ‘living’. It is important to know to do this and WHEN to do this. By working from home I am loosing this.

Some often think that it is a waste of money renting studio space each month, but you have to think about it as a business expense, a necessity; you will need to pay into your business to get out of it what you want, and for me it is that fact that I work 100% at my best in a studio environment. The action of going to my workplace and going home on an evening, is invaluable to me now.


Brokki Badgr


I was asked to design and bind a book about the ‘Brokki Badgr’. The daughter of the author illustrated the book with the exception of the introductory page of which I illustrated. I graphically placed the text, chose the typography, and have hand drawn the chapter numbers. I scanned in the original paintings, altered, cropped and chopped to created surrounding illustration designs for the text and chapter numbers, creating a compositional solution for each spread. I handbound the book using the coptic method; hand cutting an embossed effect of the ‘BB’ on the front cover, then handpainting it with liquid gold leaf. Please scroll down my blog to see more!

Making ‘Brokki Badgr’

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The final stitches on a series of seven ‘Brokki the Badgr’ book, designed and bound by Lucyillustrates, illustrated by Sophie Witham. ‘Badgr’ spelling is deliberate to demonstrate the lazy and uninformed nature of Brokki. I loved designing this project. It was really nice to work with somebody else’s illustrations and try to arrange them to reach their greatest potential within my handmade books. The client was great to work with, and open to the beautifully heavy weight papers that would best suit the book. I am really pleased with how it turned out, vibrant, precise, colourful and most of all timeless.

Project ‘Brokki Badgr’


MyIllustration completed and ready to go into ‘Brokki Badgr’. Featuring wild flowers, weeds and berries this wreath gathers the offerings of the ‘Old Wood’ that is featured in the short story collection. There are eleven short stories about ‘Brokki Badgr’ and his best friend ‘Roofus Fox’ each one so very delightful. The characters are full of life and vibrantly painted in colour and personality by Sophie Witham [daughter or the author ‘Grandpa B’].